#TGIMarried- Dallas
#TGIMarried- Dallas

#TGIMarried- Dallas

Singles General Admission



Eric Thomas and Associates, LLC.  and Breathe University are dedicated to the mental, physical, financial and spiritual development of not only our staff but, our families and supporters  as well.  And it’s in that spirit that we have created, “Thank God I’m Married!”  Let’s face it, in those moments before, during and after we say “I Do,” no one hands us a rule book or set of guidelines  for the successful navigation of married life! So, much like parenting, we look to those who’ve “been in the game” and whose marriages, at least on the outside, look like what we hope ours will on the inside!  Now, some statistics place the divorce rate around 50%. For whatever reason, what was once desired and cherished, loses it’s shine and becomes for lack of better terms, unwanted, disliked and disposable. When you don't have a map, you’re always going to get lost!  Our TGIMarried team is full of legitimately happy and successfully married couples who would love to share with you, the secrets to their marital success!  Success in life and love means staying on course. As we candidly share all of our ups, downs and strategies for sustained marital bliss, we hope you’ll chart your course and, take your next happily married steps with us!  Single People, STAND UP!  This course is for you too!  If you’re dating, engaged or thinking seriously about becoming engaged, you need to grab a seat as well! Trust us, your relationships will be so much sweeter if you know where the potholes are and how to avoid them! Why settle for an average relationship when a phenomenal one is TOTALLY possible?  We didn't and neither should you!  Welcome to your next levels of happiness!  TGIMarried, Honest, Candid, Real. 


Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017 

Omni Hotel Park West
1590 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
Dallas, TX 75234


General Admission Tickets

Singles General Admission Ticket: $120
Couples General Admission Ticket: $200*

- Access to "Thank God I'm Married" Main Event
         - Presentation by ET and CJ          
         - Open Seating 
         - Start Time: 12:00 p.m.* 

Preferred Admission Tickets

Singles Preferred Ticket: $155
Couples Preferred Ticket: $300*

- Access to "Thank God I'm Married" Main Event
         - Presentation by ET and CJ          
         - Reserved Seating 

         - Start Time: 12:00 p.m.*

VIP Admission Tickets

Singles VIP Ticket: $320
Couples VIP Ticket: $600*

- Access to "Thank God I'm Married" Main Event
         - Presentation by ET and CJ          
         - VIP Reserved Seating 
         - Main Event Start Time: 12:00 p.m.*

- Access to "I Do" VIP Session
         - Exclusive presentation by ET and CJ     
         - Meet and Greet 
         - Refreshments will be served 
         - VIP Session Start Time: 2:30 p.m.*


 * Couples Tickets include admission for 2 people. 


For Couples at this conference we will address:

  • Sign or not to Sign - The difference between Contract vs. Covenant relationship
  • Your Mom’s In Our Business - 5 Reasons why you must get along with your In-Laws
  • I’m lookin’ at the Front Door - 5 Ways to get on one accord and DESTROY differences in your marriage.
  • Come and Talk to Me - How to develop the tools necessary for effective communication
  • WE ARE FAMILY or LA FAMILIA -  5 Ways to make mixed families gel.
  • HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK - How to restore the flames of sexual intimacy.
  • EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN’ - 4 Ways to maintain a work-life balance your spouse will be pleased with!




      For Singles at this conference we will address:

      We want to make sure that we address the importance of solid healthy relationships outside of the institution of marriage, so we designed content to address:

      WHAT CAN I GIVE - Learning the practices policies and principles of adding value to people, situations and environments.

      ...I’ll Scratch Yours - Learning the Art of Mutualism and its importance in ANY relationship.

      I AM A CONQUEREOR - Eliminating the victim mentality.

      Where I Wanna Be - Learning that there are levels to relationship and how to appreciate the season of relationship you are in.


      **Ticket prices will increase at the door.**

      **Individuals under the age of 18 years old are not permitted.**

      *$5 Ticket service fee included in price. 
      * Discount codes cannot be used towards ticket purchases, ORDERS WILL BE CANCELLED when used. 


      All Sales are Final. NO REFUNDS.
      An email with the event details and event location will be sent out to ticket holders the week of the event. Please feel free to email atucker@etinspires.com with any questions.
      Tickets will NOT be mailed. There will be a master list with the name of all ticket purchasers. A photo I.D. will be all that's needed to enter into the event. An email will be sent with event details. If someone other than the purchaser will be attending, instructions will be in the email on how to submit their name.