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Greatness 21: Character Bootcamp

Greatness 21: Character Bootcamp is a jumpstart to reconstructing and strengthening your core. Each day in this volume, contains a short story, narrative, essay, poem, or testimonial submitted by people just like you; people who have been tested and tempted to go against the grain, some are stories of triumph, some are moments of truth, some are reflections on life changing moments but all speak to the need to pursue a better, healthier, and stronger version of You.


Greatness Is Upon You 4 Part eBook Series (Part 4 Coming Soon)

Laying The Foundation for Greatness 

This is the first part of Eric Thomas' sophomore release, Greatness Is Upon You in eBook form. This set contains the fundamental lessons and principals Eric teaches as being necessary for character development.

Abandoning Average and Seizing Greatness 

In this second eBook installment learn the principles that Eric uses to stay ahead of the competition. Discover how you can maximize productivity in your career and in school.

How Sacrifice and Humility Positioned Me For Greatness
This third eBook installment focuses on the principles of sacrifice and service and how these tools helped him to move from a high school drop out to a successful CEO of several companies. The average person believes that success is about what you can take, Eric Thomas shows us that its all about what you can give.













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