Assorted ETA Wristbands
Assorted ETA Wristbands

Assorted ETA Wristbands





Carry Eric's inspiring words with you wherever you go, and be constantly reminded to live each day to the fullest, with 4 assorted ET quote inspired wristbands*.

*There are four inspirational wristbands per bundle.
*Bundle assortments may vary (i.e. colors, styles, etc.). 
*May contain more than one of the same style of wristband. 

"Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten"
"When you wanna succeed as bad you wanna Breathe then you will be successful!"
"Don't Quit! Pain = Reward"
"Everybody wants to be a beast until its time to do what Beasts do!"
"If it was easy everybody would do it!"
"Average Skill Phenomenal Will"
"You don't get out of life what you get out of life Who you are!"